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Custom coaching designed to help you learn the skills and develop the mindset to be in control of your money!

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Hey, girl – your budget doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

You can enjoy life while paying down debt!

You can save money and take vacations!

You don’t have to stop living to take control of your money

I’m here to link arms with you and do this together!

Financial Coaching is For You If...

You’re Feeling

Anxious about your financial future and uncertain about how you would pay for an emergency

You’re Tired of

Wondering where your money is going each month and crossing your fingers that you have enough for bills and each card swipe

You’re Ready to

find true financial freedom, save for the future, live life in the moment, and give generously

I Can Help You DIY Your Finances

DIY Budget Worksheet & Videos

Get access to the exact worksheet my husband and I used to pay down our debt and achieve financial freedom! It comes with helpful videos to walk you through using the budget template and show you how to use the resources.

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“With the tools Emily provided, my husband and I are debt-free after paying off $45k in debt in only 31 months. None of this was possible without Emily!”

Emily has helped me so much in many DIFFERENT ways! We have worked together on my finances, my businesses and my LIFE! In general, she is very patient and willing to work with you if you do not understand something the way she explained it - she would try a different way!

Whether you start with a DIY option or One-on-One Coaching, I want you to know one thing:

You don’t have to stop living in order to take control of your finances!

You may just need a personalized plan and a healthy dose of accountability.

Let’s jump on a complimentary 20-minute consult to determine your best steps forward!

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I Can Help You With 1:1 Financial Coaching

 4-Meeting Commitment


  • Initial Meeting: We’ll put together a strategic plan to establish a solid budget and a plan to pay down debt
  • Following 3 meetings: We’ll evaluate how things are going, tweak things as needed, and make plans for building your emergency savings. These sessions are all about teaching, brainstorming, supporting, and setting you up for success on your own!
  • Pay-in-full discount of $1,500 OR 3 monthly payments of $570 with your initial meeting scheduled after your first payment. 


4- Meetings + Pay in Full
3 Monthly Payments

What Clients Share

"It was great speaking with Emily and even after our initial consult I felt much better about my situation. She helped to shed light on different things to work on related to our finances. They were just simple changes that would help us achieve our goals the much quicker. I will definitely be working with her moving forward!"

- Audrey

"My husband and I have become debt free in 31 months with the tools Emily has provided. I sat down with her in December of 2019 where she provided me with tangible tools and steps to successfully get out of debt. Along the way, Emily met with me to discuss the next steps in the process and answered all of my questions about money and finances."

- Kara

Let's Connect!

Let's be partners in this game of life, uncover your big goals, set up a system and change things up for an easier, more effective and more joyful life! Let's chat!

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