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Hey, y’all! I’m Emily. 

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There’s so much I could share with you here, but I’m going to get right to the good stuff!

I’m a mom to two beautiful little girls, a wife to an awesome husband, and a follower of Jesus. I’ve been a CPA for over a decade, and after crushing it at a Big 4 Accounting firm – quick promotion to manager and earning 6-figures in my mid-20s – I realized I was unfulfilled and miserable. 

I knew I needed something different… I just didn’t know what. I went so far as to Google “how do you find yourself?”… yeah, it was bad! That search didn’t turn up anything helpful, but I did realize what I really wanted was balance and fulfillment.


I didn’t want to quit following my purpose and I didn’t want to give up being there for my family. I wanted to juggle it all while being as present as possible in each moment. 

So, I put my skills to work and built a business that is fulfilling, purposeful, and fun! I’m passionate about helping women get out of debt while saving for the things that matter, partnering with women who want to build a business that meets their income needs while giving them back their time for the rest of life, and helping women learn to love their bodies and find a health and wellness routine that feels good! 

If you’re looking for the same kind of life I was… I’m here ready to link arms and walk alongside you, with plenty of systems and support.

A Few of the Things That Make Me Happy

Family Time

Exercise That Feels Good

Sipping Coffee with Girl Friends

My Mission

Empowering women to go after what they really want while striking a balance they desire, and instilling the belief that they are capable, worthy and loved!

I Believe...

  • Most people aren’t bad at finances – you’re just not given the tools you need to succeed.

  • You can enjoy your food and be healthy.

  • Budgets mean more of the things you love, not less.

  • Your purpose and value should always be found in God.

  • You don’t have to stop living to have what you want.

How I Got Here:

A Condensed (and Less Messy Than Real Life) Timeline

I started focusing on my fitness and nutrition, which led me back to →

My faith, where I discovered my ministry →

Personal finance, which showed me that I could also help women build →

A life and business that’s fulfilling and balanced! 

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You’re in the right place, girlfriend!

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