Do you think your money mindset matters?

finance Oct 13, 2021

It absolutely does!

The way you budget, spend, invest and even use credit cards is 100% based on

assumptions and beliefs you’ve built over time about money. This includes deep rooted

beliefs from childhood.

I know it sounds “fluffy” I thought so too but trust me...

As someone who’s household income was multiple 6 figures and we had over $120k in

debt. We had more than enough money logistically to pay it down but our beliefs around

money is what held us back. 


Have you ever heard yourself and/or parents say… 

“There is never enough money...”

“I have to work hard for my money...”

“We will always have a mortgage (car) payment...”

“I will always struggle financially..”

“I need to buy this now because I won’t be able to (or it will be more expensive) later..”


What if... anytime you catch yourself saying/thinking it.. you just tweak it:


“There is more than enough money to go around...”

“Money comes in with ease and there are plenty of opportunities to get money...”

“When we no longer have a mortgage (car payment), we will have...”

“I will always have enough money to be taken care of..”

“I can buy this later because I will have enough..”

That subtle tweak in words will shift you from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset…


Don’t believe it... TRY IT and pay attention to how your money reacts.

When you do, let me know how it works!!

& if you have tried it, let me know how things shifted!

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