From 120k in debt to paying for a SUV in Cash

finance Oct 13, 2021

What is one of your financial goals this year?

I know you read these emails with tips/tricks you can do to budget, cut expenses, save here and there... but, its important to know what you're doing it for, to make it worth it!

This time last year, Lee and I decided we wanted to purchase a new (to us) SUV in cash...

We knew we wanted to expand our family but with that we knew we needed a bigger vehicle.

So, for the past year...

We’ve been living below our means, during COVID, funneling money away every paycheck of his and paying into this fund with my business earnings!

And this weekend, we were able to swipe our debit card for $26,999.99 for this 2017 Pilot Elite.

Now, I don’t say this to brag.. but, to show you what’s possible!

Y’all, less than 10 years ago we were over $120k in debt.. since then we not only paid that off, paid for a wedding, bought/sold a rental property, lived our lives and made choices accordingly...

We did most of this by budgeting & living on one income, while I built two businesses slow & steady and we consciously made choices to get us here...

At 33, with a net worth over half a million dollars and plans/strategies in place to have that over a million by the time I turn 40 while cash flowing everything in between...


Y’all, life shouldn’t be just making it paycheck to paycheck... nor, should it just becoming debt free.

The dream is to leave a legacy.. to provide for your family, give back more than you take, get the most out of life & help others do the same!

It is possible for you too!

Are you ready to make a change but don’t know where to start?

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